112 Rivington St., NY, NY 10002
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Fat Baby is a multi level bar/lounge located on the lower east side of Mannhattan and is both a rock and roll venue as well as a unique version of downtown NYC nightlife set in an LA inspired lounge setting.

The top floor features a 35 foot purple heart bar, which streches the entire length of the front section of the bar. It's followed by a bi-level lounge area with a mezzine that provides booth style seating as well as the overhanging DJ booth, with DJ's spinning Thursday-Saturday.

The downstairs of Fat Baby is where you'll find bands playing almost every night of the week. The bar is made of Zebra wood and the walls are linned with the original stone of the building, giving this room the feel of a downtown speakeasy.

Fat Baby is open Wednesday through Sunday 7pm-4am.



Fat Baby, 112 Rivington, NY, NY 10002
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